Organic Hemp & Craft CBD

I founded Early Fruit Hemp Co. to provide my friends and family in and around West Texas with quality, organic hemp and craft CBD products. Our hemp flower comes from small organic hemp farms across America and our CBD tinctures and topicals are made with the full spectrum hemp oil, rich in both cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from those same plants! (rather, from the flower not pretty enough to be sold as is). Sourcing our craft CBD from these small organic hemp farmers is paramount in our mission to provide an effective product that you'll enjoy using. We stay looking for the finest hemp flower and the craftiest tinctures and salves. But why is organic so important? And what is 'craft CBD' anyways?

Organic Hemp Starts With Clean Soil.

Hemp is a well known bio accumulator, which means that as it grows it's also cleaning the soil. Not only do the roots absorb the nutrients from the ground, they're absorbing any toxins or heavy metals as well, trapping them in the plant and removing them from the soil. The Chernobyl experiments are a great example of hemps ability to clean up a contaminated earth. Now, while that's wonderful, and should be explored further, you wouldn't want to consume anything made with these toxic plants. Clean hemp starts with clean soil.

No Pesticides, No Herbicides, No Problem.

In addition to clean soil, you'll want to avoid the use of toxins like pesticides, herbicides and even fertilizers. Remember, the hemp will absorb all of that! Regenerative farming techniques such as cover cropping and no-till farming (and many more) are an effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly way to control those unwanted weeds and pests while adding beneficial nutrients and even life back into the soil. All without using any harmful chemicals.

What Is Craft CBD?

CBD has many uses, and for some it's the only thing that helps. But CBD shouldn't stop at being useful, it should also be enjoyable. Throughout history cannabis has been both a medicine and a cultural staple in many societies, including our own. Hemp is a plant that can both heal us and bring us together; an experience we're excited about and ready to share. Because it helps us, and it's relaxing, and it stimulates our senses. Craft CBD is made with you in mind, by farmers who care about their hemp, and your experience. It's produced in small batches to ensure quality and consistency, using simple, effective ingredients. There are no gimmicks or novelties, no watered down products, no miraculous claims. Only a pure, effective, highly enjoyable product.

Small Batch, Big Passion, Craft CBD

But not all CBD is created equal, so it's important to know where your CBD is coming from. While searching for CBD to sell in my own store (probably my favorite thing to do) there are a few things I tend to look for: Is it clean? Is it effective? Is it good? Does it work the way it's supposed to work? I noticed the smaller farmers, usually family owned, that practice organic farming, had the highest quality and the cleanest products available. This made sense immediately. From soil to oil, these dedicated and passionate hemp farmers take their craft seriously.

By taking the time to care for their soil, to care for each plant individually and to extract and produce their own craft CBD products they ensure you're getting the absolute best CBD on the market. To them we say, we noticed, and we are very grateful.